Common Sewer Plumbing Problems

Sewer problems are a bothersome inconvenience. It is not just a hassle, it can also be horrible. Imagine having a home flooded with wastewater due to a sewer backup? The situation is unsanitary and at the same time highly destructive. indoor home flooding due to sewer backup can damage flooring, electronic devices and appliances, furniture, carpeting, and even irreplaceable items like photo albums among other mementos.

While some sewer issues are beyond the control of the homeowner, like tree roots penetrating the sewer pipes and other underground plumbing fixtures, there are sewer problems that can households can avoid. Knowing how to prevent these issues, and having the knowledge on how to deal with these concerns is crucial in ensuring that a home will be safe from the pitfalls of a sewer problem.\

DIY Sewer Repairs

Homeowners should refrain from carrying out DIY plumbing repairs as they could cause more damage. Homeowners are not skilled nor equipped with the knowledge and tools to carry out necessary repairs to address a sewer issue. Below are some of the most common sewer issues that could occur on any residential property:

Common sewer issues

Sewer line clogs. Sewer line clogs can happen on any property. When drains and toilets are used carelessly and are ill-maintained then line clogs could occur. Homeowners should cask a plumber to carry out drain cleaning services, to unclog the blocked sewer lines.

Tree Roots In Sewer Lines

Tree roots penetrating sewer lines. Tree roots look for water and moisture, and so tree roots would try to penetrate sewer lines, especially those that may already have existing cracks.

Damaged sewer pipes, Clogged plumbing drains, Apart from tree roots, other causes of damaged sewer pipes include sagging pipes, aging, and lack of maintenance. Sewer pipes get damaged over time due to wear and tear, and when it is carelessly used damage could occur long before sewer pipes reach their end of life. Sewer repair is needed. 

Apart from addressing sewer-related concerns, a plumber can also detect other issues like a slab leak. Once a slab leak is detected, the homeowner should take the opportunity to have the plumber repair the concern right away. Leak detection is yet another issue a plumbing contractor can carry out right away. A reliable plumbing service company is usually equipped with modern tools and equipment that could detect leaks