Common Causes of Clogged Plumbing Drains

Clogged plumbing drains are common in both commercial and residential properties. It can happen to any household, and so plumbing experts say it is crucial to mindfully use toilets and sink drains to prevent the forming of blockages within pipe drains. Property owners should also have a 24-hour plumber on their contact list so that they can call for emergency plumbing service as soon as needed.

This article will discuss some of the common causes of clogged plumbing drains, and how homeowners could prevent these clogs from forming and causing damage to the whole sewer system of any property.

Common causes of clogged drains

The best plumber contractor will say that clogged drains are usually caused by people regularly using the plumbing fixtures. Either because they lack the knowledge on what they can flush down the toilet, and what they cannot, they mistakenly plush objects that could clog the drainpipes.

On the other hand, due to carelessness or laziness, some people utilize their toilets as a garbage bin and flush down used paper products among other sanitary items that could instantly clog the toilet. If a toilet gets clogged, a commercial plumber service can easily address the problem.

Toys in the toilet

Some young children get amazed by the flushing powers of a toilet. While most are contented with just pressing the flush down, some do not stop at that and get curious as to what will happen if their toy could disappear if they flush it down the toilet.

Naturally, the toilet could get clogged due to this foreign object. While some could get dislodged using a plumbing snake, not all toys could be retrieved from the drain. This is a job for a 24-hour Plumbing Repair Company.

Dealing with a clogged drain

The first key to resolving a drainage issue is knowing whom to call for repair. Every homeowner should have a list of cheap plumbing services in his contact list so that he could safely and correctly go about dealing with the issue.  The homeowner should also remind his household members to refrain from using the toilets and drains for the meantime until the issue is resolved. Unless necessary, everyone should avoid using the toilet and the sinks until the drain cleaning service is concluded.