Wheatless by Willow Events



We bring a rotating selection of items to the FreshFarm Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market on select Sundays.  The current line includes appetizers, breads, biscuits, brownies, cookies, dips, dry mixes, galettes, gnocchi, pastas, pies (savory and fruit), scones, soups and stocks, tortillas, vegetarian side dishes, and vinaigrettes.


We hope our products appeal to a broad base of consumers including:

1. General public seeking to diversify their diet with nutritious, healthful alternatives to wheat
2. Persons medically required to maintain a gluten free diet (celiac, other gluten intolerant or sensitive or allergies to wheat, persons with disabilities that benefit from a gluten free diet)
3. Families and friends of persons with gluten issues.



We offer gluten-free wine dinners and private parties hosted at Willow Restaurant.  Please see the gluten-free catering menu for possible options and contact Heather Small at privatedining@willowva.com or 703-465-8800.


Contact Wheatless by Willow at wheatlessva@gmail.com


Willow is not a gluten-free facility. We do take every precaution to avoid cross contamination of ingredients. All our flours and oats are sourced from certified gluten-free facilities.